Important Things to Know About Jet Ski Insurance

It’s crucial to know if you have enough insurance coverage for your personal watercraft (PWC), especially since most homeowner and auto insurance policies don’t include them, or if they do, the protection is sometimes limited. When purchasing a Jet Ski insurance policy ,in California consumers should consider the following important factors:

  1. Obtain Jet Ski Insurance Coverage.A majority of such insurance policies cover the following areas: property damage, theft, physical injury, and medical payments. Liability limits, which vary by state, are also included in most jet ski insurance. Liability insurance protects you financially if you are found to be at fault as a result of an accident covered by your policy.
  1. Insure all your Jet Skis: Make sure you insure all of your jet skis if you have more than one. However, certain boat insurance policies can be designed to cover jet skis as well; therefore each jet ski may require its own insurance policy. Consult your agent and go over your alternatives to gather enough information.
  1. Go through your Jet Ski Insurance Policy Carefully: A majority of Jet Ski insurance policies protect you whether you use the private watercraft for yourself or lease it to another individual. Although each case’s situations must be assessed in light of relevant legislation and policy provisions, you should be protected for the following in most cases, irrespective of who is handling the Jet Ski:
  • Damaged caused to a Jet Ski
  • If another individual suffers bodily harm or dies as a result of your negligence.
  • Another driver’s recklessness while operating your Jet Ski
  • Damage caused by an uninsured Jet Ski operator
  • Any towed water skiers or wakeboarders who are wounded while using your Jet Ski will be reimbursed.
  • Any physical damage caused to the equipment, hull, and machinery.

Since some Jet Ski insurance policies offer optional coverages, it is advisable to assess your insurance policy carefully to make sure you have the insurance coverage you require.

  1. Not all Jet Ski insurance policies provide comprehensive coverage:Your PWC policy may not cover everything. The type of coverages offered to you depends solely on your insurer. For example, a jet ski that has been upgraded to increase speed and efficiency is not normally covered.
  1. Consider additional coverage: Other areas of coverage about which you should learn more are as follows:
  • Check to see if the policy provides roadside support if your tow vehicle or trailer becomes faulty or disabled.
  • Find out if your jet ski insurance policy Anaheim includes the cost of replacing personal belongings that are misplaced or damaged while being on board.
  • Check to see if your policy will reimburse you for the actual cash value of your jet ski if it is damaged while in use.
  • Also, ensure if your coverage covers the expense of lifting and removing your jet ski if it sinks.

Having a jet ski insurance is of utmost importance as it covers accidental damages, fuel spills, and provides additional coverage such as rental reimbursement and towing assistance. Thus, make sure you have adequate protection before you take your jet ski out on the water.

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