General Liability Insurance Norwalk

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General liability insurance is as old as the law. Back in the early days of the legal system, companies and individuals would band together into a mutual insurance fund, which would be a fund to help pay for legal services if someone in the fund incurred damages due to a common peril. Suppose the homeowners face the danger of an earthquake in their part of California; they could have banded together, paid monthly or annual premiums into an insurance fund, and used that fund to protect themselves financially.

Today, insurers like us here at Rais Insurance do all the work for you, so you can be rest assured that your company, person, or property is safe in the case of a lawsuit or other form of danger.

Nowadays, general liability insurance in Norwalk is typically of the commercial kind. That means it’s all about protecting businesses and business owners from the damaging aftermath of a bout of accidental negligence. Liability insurance is mandatory for businesses, property owners, and auto drivers alike. Let’s go a little more in-depth into what general liability insurance in Norwalk is all about.

Commercial General Liability Insurance 

In the United States, commercial general liability insurance is a mandatory form of insurance that allows business owners, no matter how small or large, to take on legal challenges if anything goes wrong and someone gets hurt. From damaged property to bodily harm due to the service or product your business offers, a general liability insurance policy allows an insurance company to help you cover the eventual fees you’ll have to pay as a result of your negligence.

There are certain parameters within a general liability insurance policy that changes the way it applies to some businesses. For example, high-risk businesses will have to consider that they’ll be forced to pay more for their insurance than a business that carries much less risk to insure.

Homeowner General Liability Insurance

Whether it’s a slip-and-fall or something more serious, general liability insurance in a homeowner’s case is about covering for the injuries and damages a visitor might incur on someone’s private property due to their negligence. No matter what kind of liability insurance you require, we at Rais Insurance will help you figure it out.