Motorcycle Insurance California

Motorcycle Insurance : Quick Guide

Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance 

Motorcycles are a popular choice of transportation among youngsters, followed by adults and senior citizens. They are most favored due to the speed, maneuverability, and the ability to combat traffic through tight spaces. Similar to car insurance, motorcycle insurance is important and necessary as well. It helps to provide financial protection in case of accidents, damage, or theft. Also, it protects against damage done to another person or their property.  

Why is Motorcycle Insurance Important  

To begin with, motorcycle insurance is required by most State and Country Laws. Therefore, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without insurance. If caught, you can get a hefty fine or, in some cases, jail time. Apart from that, here are some other reasons for getting motorcycle insurance

  • Fatal Accidents - According to statistics, a motorcycle accident is more likely to be fatal as compared to car accidents. This is because cars have extra protective measures such as airbags, seat belts, and the body itself.

  • Big Vehicle’s Blind-spots - Motorcycles can often be missed if driven too close to a truck’s or buses’ blind-spots. As a result, it can easily cause accidents among riders.

  • Less Safer than Cars - Motorcycles are two-wheelers and are exceptionally fast. Thus, there are a lot of risk factors for a rider to be involved in an accident.

What does a Motorcycle Insurance Cover  

Generally, motorcycle insurance coverage can vary from insurer to insurer. This is why you should always read the policy documents carefully or hire an insurance specialist. Here are some of the coverage benefits you can avail –  

  • Comprehensive Coverage - This includes the payments covered in terms of property damage or damage done to another person.

  • Medical Coverage - Costs for medical care or hospitalization are covered by most motorcycle insurance.

  • Damage to Riding Gear - Some insurance policies may even cover the cost of damage done to helmets or riding apparel such as leather jackets and trousers.

  • Bike Replacement - In rare cases, a motorcycle insurance policy can offer to replace the whole vehicle if it gets tolled. However, there are a lot of terms, conditions, and restrictions for this coverage.

Types of Motorbike Insurance  

There are mainly three types of motorbike insurance. These have been explained below –  

  • Third-Party -  This is the most basic form of motorcycle insurance. It covers any damage done to another person or property in case of an accident.

  • Third-Party, Fire, and Theft -  In addition to Third-Party, it offers coverage in cases where the bike gets stolen or catches fire due to unnatural reasons.

  • Fully Comprehensive -  As the most popular choice, it consists of all the above two types along with any accidental damage done to the motorcycle or in its repairs.

Cost Factors in Motorcycle Insurance Policy  

A motorcycle Insurance premium may depend on the following factors.

  • Age - The older you are, the cheaper premium you will get. People below 25 are seen as an age risk group.

  • Motorcycle - Generally, the premium is averagely priced for common types of motorcycles. However, it may be high for sports, classic, modified, and outdoor motorcycles.

  • Other Factors - These include the driver’s riding history, his place of stay, whether he parks in a garage or outside, and the nature of his bike usage.

Some insurers offer multi-bike, any-bike riding policy, and passenger coverage. In certain cases, you may even transfer no claim bonus from a car insurance policy. There are a few helpful add-ons that you can avail as well. Some of the best ones are personal accident coverage, breakdown coverage, motor legal protection, and riding gear coverage.