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What Renters’ Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

When you are living in a rented apartment, condo, or home, the homeowners’ insurance might not cover your belongings. For this, you need renter’s insurance which works in the same way as the former, and lets you live risk free.

However, there are a few things that even renters’ insurance doesn’t cover:

  • Accidental Loss by the Owner
  • Damage to your home or belongings due to owner’s family members or pets.
  • Fine arts, antiques, and valuable items.
  • Items that belong to your roommate, as it requires them to have their own renters’ policy.

Also, for the damages due to earthquakes and floods, and other natural disasters, you need additional coverage. Rais Insurance Services, INC study the area you live in and help you determine how much coverage you need along with providing Auto Insurance Apple Valley, Home Insurance Apple Valley, Health Insurance Apple Valley, Life Insurance Apple Valley, and Flood Insurance Apple Valley.