Charter Bus Insurance Coverage and Quotes

Charter buses include a fleet of buses that transport passengers for a fee. This includes tour buses, school buses, shuttles, vans, and more. If you own a charter bus company, you are answerable and held accountable for any property or casualty loss. In order to minimize the adverse impact of these losses, the business structure and various stakeholders like the public, customers, employees, and investors, must be covered through insurance. However, picking the right charter bus insurance can be a daunting task.

At Rais Insurance, we offer you tailor-made insurance policies that cover all your needs! Rais Insurance provides a combination of commercial auto liability insurance, commercial general liability, commercial property insurance, physical damage insurance, and worker insurance.

A well-balanced and holistic charter bus insurance bears the following components:

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Charter bus companies are under a legal obligation to purchase worker’s compensation for their employees. This insurance would cover them if they were to suffer from illness or injuries while they remain employed. We work with highly acclaimed companies to offer insurance terms that will boost employee satisfaction.

Property Damage or Personal Injury Liability

This insurance pays for the claims raised in the event of any death, bodily injury, or property damage taking place during the charter bus operations. Every activity – from loading, unloading, and crash while traveling – is covered under this clause. It attracts a lump sum amount corresponding to the insurance, which varies on the basis of the number of passengers.

Collision Insurance

Unfortunately, if your charter bus is to roll over or get in an accident with another vehicle, this coverage will compensate for the damage caused to your bus. The sum will be sufficient to patch up your bus and have it earning once again.

Comprehensive Physical Damage Insurance

Some times, the damage caused to the buses is not a result of collisions or rollovers. The culprit behind the damage could be a thief who unsuccessfully tried to steal the bus and damaged it in the process or miscreants participating in the torching or stoning of buses, and vandalism. In some rare instances, it also includes the trashing of your bus by passengers!

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist

Given the diversity in the kinds of passengers traveling through your charter bus, your business could be at risk of ferrying uninsured or underinsured individuals. Extending the insurance policy to these travelers covers them from unpleasant shocks and surprises.

In addition to the above, the following insurance coverages will also safeguard the interests of your business:

  • Insurance for Collision Deductible Waiver

  • Business Interruption Insurance

  • Property Damage or Bodily Injury Insurance

  • Towing Insurance

  • Rental Insurance

  • Umbrella Insurance

  • Specified Peril Insurance

Rais Insurance represents our clients’ best interest while collaborating with well-known charter bus insurance houses. We not only offer coverage for incidents but also help with risk management and mitigation. We pride ourselves on having long-lasting relationships propped on the shoulders of trust, which offers us leverage to hit the right balance between optimum cost and premium service.

With Rais Insurance, you can be assured that your charter buses are steering in the right direction!