Business Insurance San Pedro California

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A business can be a fragile thing, especially in its early days. Running a business and growing it from its first early stages onto actual success is in itself an uphill battle and a road that never stops being rocky, but sometimes, obstacles present themselves that threaten to entirely end your journey.

It could be a dangerous accident at the workplace, an accidental infringement of copyright, or another inevitable incident leading to major legal costs and a dreaded lawsuit. Businesses deserve the right to focus their time, energy and capital on the actual costs of running and growing a company – not protecting it from unavoidable accidents.

That’s where business insurance in San Pedro comes into play. Here at Rais Insurance, we help you deal with the hidden dangers of running your own company by helping you put together a business insurance policy that best helps you keep your company and your employees safe from the aftermath of an unfortunate event.

General Liability Insurance 

This is the most basic – and potentially most important – type of insurance for businesses in California. Through a general liability policy, your company is covered against the costs of legal damage due to mistakes or accidents, most specifically if a lawsuit is started due to a customer’s injuries on business premises, or other such faults.

Product and Professional Liability Insurance

The next two liability coverage types are about the products and services a company renders. In product liability insurance, companies are covered by possible damages due to defective products. The more dangerous or defective a product is, the more expensive and expansive the coverage – for example, a tailor won’t get the same product liability coverage as an automaker might.

Professional liability is about protecting a business when one of its workers makes a mistake. Whether you’re a masseuse or an accountant, this policy helps your company stay afloat if an understandable error is made and paid for.

More Insurance Options 

Since businesses are so extremely varied, there are plenty other options for business insurance in San Pedro. We at Rais Insurance can help you put together a policy that best fits your needs, by examining your business and its industry.