General Liability Insurance Norco

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Excellent Liability Coverage with Rais Insurance

At Rais Insurance, one of the best features of general liability insurance in Norco is workers’ compensation benefits. It’s the kind of coverage that can make a massive difference in case you find yourself involved in an accident one day.


There are four types of workers’ compensation you can explore with us.

Income benefits: If you sustain injuries on the job—whether you were at the office or on the road, making deliveries or getting to where your employer needs you to go—this policy covers a portion of the wages you lost because of your inability to get to work or fulfil your professional responsibilities.

Medical benefits: With this policy, you won’t have to set aside your own savings just to cover the costs of any treatment for your work-related injuries.

Burial benefits: This policy is designed to take care of any funeral expenses of a deceased employee or reimburse the family for the funeral expenses.

Death benefits: This can cover a portion of the family’s income now lost due to a death in the family. So long as the death is a result of a work-related injury or accident, the policy applies.

Getting Help

If you want to know which one fits your situation the best, talk to us. With general liability insurance in Norco, one with workers’ compensation coverage, your future needs will be well covered. Don’t know how to find the right one? No worries. At Rais Insurance, our agents are trained and skilled in helping you figure out what you need. We offer a range of financial products you can choose from. We can even customize our plans to ensure we address any and all issues and problems specific to your financial situation. Just reach out to us and we can start creating the right plan for you. That or show you what choices you can explore and what results you can expect, depending on what policies, benefits and features you pick.

So don’t leave yourself or your family vulnerable in the event of an accident. Assess all your available options with us today.