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Protecting your business against the unknown dangers that accidents, slip ups and oversights can cause is one of the most important reasons for business insurance in Lakewood.

Aside from the fact that running a business requires signing a policy with an insurance company to ensure that any potential damages get paid off, keeping a comprehensive business policy can truly protect your business, and all the investments you’ve made into its growth over the years.

Don’t just treat your insurance policy as a legal necessity – transform it into something that can actually benefit your business, and keep you safe from sudden bankruptcy.

General Liability Insurance 

The most basic form of insurance for businesses is general liability insurance. This is the oldest form of insurance in existence – back in the day, companies and people with common legal or natural perils would band up together and invest on an annual or monthly basis into an insurance fund, from which a company could draw money in case of damages.

General liability insurance today utilizes companies like us here at Rais Insurance to keep your business, no matter how small, protected against legal damages due to unintentional property damage or bodily injury to a third party.

Worker’s Compensation 

If you work in an environment wherein your employees are under the threat of an accident injuring them, then worker’s compensation is another legal necessity to help you cover for the damages when one of your own gets injured in their line of work. From factory work to construction, there are plenty of industries out there where worker’s compensation is absolutely critical – we at Rais Insurance can help you figure out how much of it you need.

Professional Liability Insurance 

Business insurance in Lakewood is also specialized to allow companies to cover the damages for an injured customer when your company’s services accidentally injure someone or cause them financial damage. Think making a mistake as an accounting company, or accidentally pulling a customer’s muscle as a massage company.

There are other forms of insurance to help you determine exactly what kind of protection your business needs. No two businesses can be alike – which is why we at Rais Insurance will offer you our services to create the right policy for your needs.