General Liability Insurance San Pedro

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Liability insurance is a basic concept – if something happens that you could not control, but are responsible for, then an insurance company can help you pay for the damages without having to take every penny out of your savings account.

Say, for example, that your property leads to damages due to a slip-and-fall. Or you’re sued for unintentional copyright infringement. Or by some other form of negligence, someone gets hurt or their property is damaged – you’ll need to pay for all that, and those are a lot of costs.

That’s where an insurance company comes in. Here at Rais Insurance, we help you get an insurance policy put together to protect you against your own liabilities, whether they’re commercial or a question of property. Outside of auto insurance here in California, general liability insurance in San Pedro usually entails one of the two types of insurance:

Commercial General Liability

When someone gets hurt in your property, or damages are incurred due to a form of negligence on your business’ part, the injured party may go and call a personal injury lawyer to help them seek justice and reimbursement for their financial and emotional damages.

That’s where a general liability insurance in San Pedro becomes important. Here at Rais Insurance, we don’t deny the victims the right to seek justice – we simply help you right a wrong, and clear the slate for your company’s reputation by helping you cover the damages. Legal fees can also be very expensive in case an accident gets taken to court – if you want to fight a claim you consider unfair, under the right circumstances we will help you fight that legal battle financially.

Property General Liability 

Property general liability insurance works much the same way here in California. If someone is injured in your property, specifically a home of yours, or a real estate investment that you own – such as a plot of land – then you’re liable for the damages. Say someone enters your lot of undeveloped land legally and, due to negligence, gets injured; they too are eligible to seek damages. We at Rais Insurance help you make sure the dispute is settled fairly, without severely damaging you financially.