What is hotel insurance?

Hotels are known to offer us with a wide range of services that not only comfort us but also entertain and leave us feeling rejuvenated. Whatever our needs are seem to be taken care of, in spectacular fashion. However, when things go south, the hotel is held responsible and often sued by guests who’ve either been harmed or dissatisfied by the very same services.

For instance, if a guest were to be robbed in the hotel premises, then he/she will potentially hold the hotel responsible for the lack of safety. In some rare scenarios, the hotel may also get sued if the temperature of the sauna was not well regulated and if the guest were to suffer from some kind of skin injury or inflammation as a result of it.

To help the establishment wither the legal storm, we have hotel insurance. This type of insurance is tailor-made to suit the sensitive and turbulent nature of the hostel business. It contains policies that work in the interest of protecting the hotel against future contingencies.

So what kind of coverage does hotel insurance provide?

Considering the nature of the hotel business, the policies are divided into types, liability, and property covering. Liability covering policies safeguard the hotel from claims and stands strong like armor against frivolous lawsuits. A General Liability Coverage offers cover against future accidents that may occur or are likely to happen. Premises Pollution Liability Coverage helps protect customers from illnesses caught within the premises of the hotel. Cyber Liability Coverage, helps you recover in the event of any breach or invasion of data or security.

Employment Practices Liability Coverage, are available to protect a hotel from lawsuits that arise out of employee-employer disputes. Food-Borne Illness Liability Coverage, offer hotels that serve a wide range of cuisines, insurance cover against food-borne-related illnesses. Liquor Liability Coverage gives cover to hotels that serve alcoholic drinks and beverages.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage, this policy gives a cover against the wear and tear of equipments that are used in the premises of the hotel. Crime Coverage provides coverage for both, visitors and employees in case of a robbery. Food Spoilage Coverage, this one will provide compensation for any loss caused when the food gets spoilt.

Why type of hotels should consider hotel business insurance?

Generally speaking, hotels should ideally seek insurance policies designed to suit their business. One that factors in the number of rooms, the wide range amenities built into the establishment, and so on and so forth.

The kind of cover that a small Breakfast Inn will need differs from say a luxurious 5 star hotel. Hotel insurance providers usually have policies that are tailor made to suit various types of hotel businesses. All in all, there’s cover for all types of hotels regardless of size and stature. 

How to know for sure that you have the right kind of coverage?

Hotels may at times need the aid of several insurance policies at the same time, depending on the stature of their business. An insurance company well versed with the industry, will guide you through all the necessary steps required and provide you with all the information required. The right kind of insurance policy will be one that evaluates all the possible future contingencies and the likelihood of it happening, and is well equipped to protect the hotel through it all.

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