How to get health insurance cover if you’re worried about coronavirus

Most employed Americans acquire a health insurance cover by virtue of an employer. An unfortunate job loss during the global pandemic could potentially result in the termination of your health insurance.

As history often reminds us, the world during past economic crises presented people with only limited affordable health options. Fortunately, recent measures taken by Congress present us with opportunities to get us ourselves covered.

Here’s a complete guide to all the available options in hand.

Continuing a job-based coverage policy

If you wish to keep the coverage, know that you can do so for as long as 18 months under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. However, you can avail of this option only if you choose to pay the total amount of your premium, which is what you would by default have to pay & also that what your employer would pay towards your premium. This is an excellent option that tends to cost more than Obama Care. However, it is better suited for Americans with an ongoing treatment as it enables you to visit the same doctor.

If you have no income as a result of job loss

As of today, if you reside in one of these 36 states, you can enjoy the benefit of a state health insurance program called Medicaid. Obamacare now enables residents of most states to avail of Medicaid if their monthly household income falls below a fixed amount – around $1400 for a single person or $2950 for a family of four. This should include all regular unemployment benefits, but not the $600 a week paid under the new relief legislation. As it happens to be, the ideal way to apply for Medicaid is through your state’s authorized agency. Typically, Medicaids have zero premiums, low co-payments, and also cover fewer doctors as compared to job-based insurance plans. You may find it harder to get covered if you live in a state outside the 36 and might have site parenthood or have to meet other criteria to get a single or affordable family insurance cover.

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Don’t have health insurance but would like to get one 

Under normal circumstances, you can enroll for an insurance policy once a year. However, in case of an unexpected change such as a job loss or divorce, you could apply for one when in need. The global pandemic has led many employers to stretch the rules and allow for more employees to apply for an insurance cover. The states of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia are now permitting uninsured residents to enroll for Obamacare. Simply, visit their insurance marketplace sites to get started. Also, do check with your company’s HR staff if you are in fact eligible for a work-based insurance policy.

In need of a more comprehensive health plan

Insurance plans that are short term in duration presumably won’t cover the testing and treatment costs incurred for the coronavirus. With the pandemic not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon, we should armour ourselves with the necessary tools. Now would be the perfect time to switch to a comprehensive health plan such as Medicaid & Obamacare that ßare best suited for the current times we live in.

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