Insurance Service San Marcos

What is Boat Insurance?

Owning an expensive boat is great fun and, at the same time, a huge responsibility in San Marcos. Whether you are the proud owner of a luxury yacht, a hoard of paddle boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, or any other watercraft with motors, you need them against damages caused by collisions to ice and rocks, fires, and earthquakes.

However, your personal watercrafts, canoes, and kayaks might not be covered by boat insurance, or even your homeowners’ insurance. Therefore, we would advise you to get your watercrafts insured from Rais Insurance Services, INC, providing you customisable plans and protection against bodily injury liabilities along with comprehensive coverage.

Also, Rais Insurance Services, INC has got covered for you Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Flood Insurance services in San Marcos.