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Types of Life Insurance Policies

Broadly, Life Insurance policies can be divided into pure risk coverage plans and purely insurance plans, which offer a combination of investment and insurance. However, to make a better decision, you might want to go through this detailed division:

  • Term Plan
  • United Link Insurance Plan
  • Child’s Plan
  • Money Back Plan
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plan
  • Endowment Plan

All the above types come with benefits and clauses of their own. While some like term insurance and retirement plans can be used as great insurance options, others such as Whole Life Insurance are solely for your dependants use after you are dead.

Make sure that you select the right agent before you select a policy type because he/she will take you through the nuances of buying life insurance that you didn’t know. Rais Insurance Services, INC, will help you find the best agents and, ultimately, the best suited policy for Auto Insurance Redlands, Home Insurance Redlands, Health Insurance Redlands, Life Insurance Redlands, and Flood Insurance Redlands.