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Things Homeowners’ Insurance Does Not Cover

Homeowners’ Insurance covers the damage caused to your property as well as your belongings. However, there are certain categories of belongings
and structures in your property that it doesn’t cover such as:

  • Mould The best way to protect your house from mould is to prevent it from growing in the first place.
  • Floods. You need a separate Flood Insurance Temecula for this.
  • Sinkholes and earthquakes.
  • Sewer backup. You might need additional coverage for this.
  • Damage caused to home due to construction work.
  • Jewellery or Fine Art.
  • Termite Infestation.

Sometimes, it is the preventive measures that can protect your home, not the insurance, and other times, you need additional coverage. So, ensure that you contact a Rais Insurance Services, INC agent when you need Auto Insurance Temecula, Home Insurance Temecula, Health Insurance Temecula, Life Insurance Temecula, or Flood Insurance Temecula so that they can hook you up with the policy you need.