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What Does Personal Liability on Home Insurance Cover?

When you have a Homeowners’ Insurance or Renters’ Insurance, your Personal Liability Coverage covers the following:

  1. Costs involved in legal defence when the third party which got injured in your premises files a lawsuit against you.
  2. Personal Injury Liabilities
  3. No-fault medical expenses liabilities of the individuals who got injured into your premises without having to take it to the court.
  4. Repair and legal expenses in cases where you are held responsible for damage to other’s property.
  5. Damages caused to others’ property of body by your employees or pets, or kids who are acting on your behalf.

Now, you might find yourself at the risk of few of the above liabilities. So, Rais Insurance Services, INC agents will help you select the right coverage and only pay for that whether you are looking for Auto Insurance Moreno Valley, Home Insurance Moreno Valley, Health Insurance Moreno Valley, Life Insurance Moreno Valley, or Flood Insurance Moreno Valley.