Home Insurance Norwalk

Your home is your pride and joy. It’s your very own four walls, and the place where you raise your own family. However, there are times when your home is endangered by the forces of nature, or a robbery, or an electrical fire. Sometimes, life takes an unexpected turn of events and you’re left out in the cold, with no way to recoup your family’s losses.

This is where home insurance comes in, and that’s why companies offer families a wide range of policies to keep you safe from the financial aftermath of something like a break-in or water damage from a flooding catastrophe. Home insurance in Norwalk is, like in other countries and states across the US, divided into several levels of insurance based on a list of common and less common disasters covered by home insurers. We at Rais Insurance can sit down with you, and discuss at length what kind of an insurance policy best fits your budgets and needs as a homeowner in your given location.

Homeowner Insurance Policies

For homeowners, there are typically four insurance policies to choose from as an insurer. The first is the most basic of all forms, and it’s called HO0. It protects your home against fire and smoke, weather, explosions, vehicle-caused damage, as well as civil unrest damaging your home.

The basic form, HO1, goes a little more broadly, and protects you against 11 total perils, including vandalism and theft. HO2 is broader, covering a total of 16 perils, while the most common type of coverage, HO3, covers all risks listed, save for some devastating risks that may be common in a given area, such as earthquakes or flooding.

Renter Insurance Policies 

The other policies, from HO4 through to HO8 (bar HO7) help renters and condominium owners with policies specifically directed towards older homes, with a focus on protecting the contents of a home against certain damages. This is especially useful for renters, since, in their case, the integrity of the building or home isn’t their liability unless they caused the damage.

Whichever home insurance in Norwalk best fits you, we at Rais Insurance will help you find that policy and fit it to your home and family’s needs.