Home Insurance Lakewood

Keeping your home safe in the case of an emergency isn’t a simple matter. From civil unrest, to an electrical fire, a local earthquake, or something worse, it’s often in life’s most unexpected moments that we’re faced with something that could leave our homes in ruins.

On the other hand, law in the United States works on the basis of liability. Property owners can be sued when, due to negligence, a visitor gets majorly injured on your property. To protect against the costs of these lawsuits, liability insurance became a thing.

Today, insurance companies like us here at Rais Insurance keep your family safe from the financial aftermath of a disaster or legal problem. Through home insurance in Lakewood, you can stay financially whole when something unforeseen turns your life around.

Homeowners Insurance 

There are various types of homeowners insurance. From the most basic, which only protects you against a minute number of disasters or legal situations, to more complex insurance forms such as HO3 and HO2, a homeowners insurance puts their home and their property under protection of certain “perils” – disasters such as hail, windstorms, lightning damage and other weather-related damages, and even earthquakes and fires. Every policy is a little different, so it’s important that you contact your insurance provider and discuss in detail where you and your policy stands.

Home insurance in Lakewood isn’t complicated – you talk to your insurance provider, and depending on your area, choose an appropriate insurance form. We at Rais Insurance can help you determine exactly what insurance you need for your family.

Renters Insurance 

For renters, insurance is a little different. Basically, a tenant doesn’t own the building or home they live in – so they’re not liable for its damages when something happens to the property. But they are responsible for their own property – from furniture to décor and more. Renters insurance helps you make sure that, if a fire burns down the contents of your home, your insurance provider can reimburse you for the estimated value of your policy.

Whatever insurance policy you need for your family’s safety, we at Rais Insurance will help you find the right one.