Home Insurance La Habra

Home insurance is vital for the protection of your family and property – there’s no doubt about it. Any number of disasters could strike at absolutely any moment, from civil unrest to a neighborhood fire, an earthquake or a flash flood. However, the issue isn’t so much the fact that having a good homeowner’s insurance is important – it’s knowing exactly what kind of a policy you need, and for what reason.

The most expensive policy might not always be the one that protects you best – it may cover you for more perils, but they may be the kind that are much less likely to ever occur, while the important ones that actually could damage your home may be excluded. The exact specifications of every policy change based on the insurance company you’re working with – we here at Rais Insurance will work with you to help you figure out exactly what you should be looking for in a home insurance in La Habra, and what kind of a policy would suit your household best.

Homeowners Insurance 

For homeowners, insurance comes in a number of different policy forms. These protect against a set number of perils, however, the specific perils or disasters it protects against must be noted. There are exceptions – notably, the comprehensive form and the special form (HO5 and HO3), which include all possible perils unless they’re explicitly listed as being not included.

That means if you’re getting an insurance policy that isn’t one with an open perils clause – HO2 and HO0, for example – then the perils listed are what you get. The opposite is true for the comprehensive and special forms – the perils listed are typically those specifically excluded.

Both details are important. Depending on where exactly you live, we at Rais Insurance can help you navigate our offerings to find the best policy for you.

Renters Insurance 

Home insurance in La Habra is a little bit different when you don’t own your home – you still need insurance, but not for the property you live in. Rather, you need insurance for the property you own inside the home – your décor, your plates and glasses, your clothes and more. If a fire or burglary robs you of your possessions, then a home insurance policy for renters can protect you financially.