Home Insurance Costa Mesa

For homeowners here in California, living can be quite exciting. Between the dangers of local wildfires, earthquakes and occasional theft or heat-related crimes, being properly covered through home insurance in Costa Mesa is absolutely crucial to feeling safe in the Golden State.

Here at Rais Insurance, we offer you the absolute peace of mind with a comprehensive list of policy types, so we can help you build the perfect home policy for you and your household.

You no longer have to choose between worrying about natural disasters or monthly costs. Now, we can help you find a way to feel safe about both, by offering you a plan that best suits your budget and needs. With years in the industry working with homeowners, we know that every household has its own list of needs and priorities. We work with yours to determine how to best keep you covered.

Dwelling Coverage

This is meant to keep you financially whole when repairs or modifications need to be made to ensure the structural stability and safety of your house and family. From new plumbing to replacing electrical wiring or reworking the entire roof to prevent water damage, this plan can help you cut your immediate costs when your house needs to be repaired or rebuilt.

Liability Insurance

If you accidentally broke the neighbor’s window, or had your dog tear his fence down, this type of plan can help you pay for the damages as long as the damage wasn’t intentional. As with any plan, there are limits to the amount of coverage you can count on – however, through our help here at Rais Insurance, we can help you see to it that you’re covered for most accidents.

Disaster Coverage

While dwelling coverage helps you deal with repairs and necessary renovations in and around the house, special coverage is needed for floods, earthquakes and fires. Here at Rais Insurance, our home insurance in Costa Mesa can help you stay safe for when nature becomes her most violent.

Contact us today to start working on formulating the best homeowner’s policy for you and your family.