Home Insurance Cerritos

From rodents to intruders, being a homeowner often means being on the lookout for a number of different nightly strangers on your property. However, there are some dangers you can’t protect against with a bat or loud noises. From electrical fires to earthquakes, natural disasters often can’t be protected against.

Their aftermath, however, can be lessened. That’s where home insurance comes in. While every homeowner needs property liability insurance to protect themselves against lawsuits and claims, every homeowner has a choice between a number of different homeowner insurance policies, depending on how many different disasters and perils they want to be protected against.

Here at Rais Insurance, we help you build the best home insurance in Cerritos for yourself and your family. But first, it’s important to understand what your options are.

Homeowners Insurance 

Homeowners get a number of different options for insurance, depending on how much coverage they want, and in special cases, on the importance and age of their home. Historically old homes and buildings are another matter of insurance that needs to be discussed in-depth with an insurance provider. Generally speaking, however, homeowners typically have the choice between the basic, broad, special, and comprehensive types of home insurance in Cerritos.

Broad and basic home insurance covers a number of perils, each one listed specifically in the policy. Perils listed are those the insurance policy protects you from. This means that if fire is listed, and your home burns down in an accident, then you can file an insurance claim.

Special and comprehensive home insurance is a little different. Instead of listing perils protected against, these are typically open peril forms. Unless the peril is listed as not being covered, they cover against any damage to your property caused by accident or a disaster, from civil unrest to the weather.

We at Rais Insurance can help you decide which policy best fits your household, by taking all possible factors into account.

Renters Insurance

Whereas homeowners have their walls and everything in them to worry about, tenants don’t own the building they live in. Instead, renters insurance keeps their belongings financially insured. That requires a different policy compared to what homeowners need.