General Liability Insurance San Jose

If you have heard it at least once, there is a good chance you have heard it a million times: as you start a business, you are going to need general liability insurance in San Jose. What does that imply? What protection can one of these policies offer? How do you determine your needs? How do you know that you really require one in the first place? Even if you do not seem to be at risk of facing a claim, getting coverage is a wise decision. The premiums you put down are certainly small when compared to the millions of dollars you are likely to spend fighting off a case in court.

Understanding General Liability Insurance 

At Rais Insurance, we have a package just for you that will protect your business assets while paying for obligations such as medical costs. Such obligations occur when an individual or employee is hurt while on your premise, or if property damage occurs. Our product also covers legal defense and settlement or awards in case your business is successfully sued. Such costs may include intangible losses suffered by injured parties, punitive damages, and compensatory damages. Coverage also offers you protection against liability as a tenant in case of damage done to property that you rent, including those caused by fire and other covered losses.

Determining Your Coverage Requirements 

Coverage required for your business largely depends on:

  • Type of business you are running
  • The perceived risks associated with running it
  • Your business location

However, if you think that your business falls in the lower risk category, you should consider getting a Business’ Owners Policy (POC). This combines general liability with property insurance at a pocket-friendly rate.

Start Covering Your Bases with Our Help

At Rais Insurance, we offer you the full-service package to take care of all your business insurance requirements. Since 1982, we have been offering small companies and large conglomerates in Southern and Northern California with dependable coverage. Our coverage products are created to specifically suit your business at the best price possible. We take pride in offering you general liability insurance in San Jose that meets the dynamics of any industry you are involved in. Contact us now for a quick quote.