General Liability Insurance Orange

If you’re a business professional operating within Orange county, then chances are that you’re in need of a quality partner in making sure you’re prepared for anything. Here at Rais Insurance, we work with our clients to formulate cost-effective policies with custom coverage.

As veterans in the industry, we know what a company needs and doesn’t need. As part of any comprehensive business coverage package, we offer a comprehensive policy to all clients in the Orange county area looking for a way to be prepared for life’s unavoidable uncertainties.

Our general liability insurance in Orange county safeguards your enterprise from any number of unknown risks not included in our other packages.

What Does This Type of Liability Insurance Cover? 

This keeps your enterprise safe from personal injury claims filed due to an unfortunate incident on your factory or company premises, or due to any form of outside advertising that may have injured a person. Accidents within your offices or retail space are also included in this plan, unless they’re the injuries of an employee.

This also keeps your enterprise from taking on the full expenses of any lawsuits and settlements in the case of an accident. If damages have been filed against your enterprise, our plan will take care of your company’s attorney and investigation costs, as well as other litigation costs as the case develops.

In the event of a copyright infringement, for example, our general liability insurance in Orange county here at Rais Insurance can save you the trouble of bearing the expenses of a lawsuit or settlement entirely on your own.

What General Liability Insurance Cannot Cover 

This is meant to protect enterprises from various unexpected events in which they may be at fault – however, there are specific cases wherein the costs and damages of an accident fall within the boundaries of a different type of coverage. For one, employee injuries on business premises fall within their own worker compensation coverage.

Company car policies take care of automobile-related incidents, while professional liability is responsible for handling mishaps caused by professional mistakes. Where this type of policy cannot protect you, we at Rais Insurance can help you find the best alternative.