General Liability Insurance Laguna Hills

General liability insurance allows companies and individuals to protect themselves financially from the legal demands of property damage, bodily injury, or financial damages caused by you or your company due to negligence or some other form of accidental fault.

Through our services here at Rais Insurance, general liability insurance in Laguna Hills, can help your local business stay safe from legal claims that could damage your business financially.

Historically, insurance funds helped individuals and businesses facing possible legal perils protect themselves against these perils. But today, insurance companies take care of that for businesses, by allowing them to put together a policy that specifically covers them for whatever perils they’re most likely to face. One type of coverage that every business needs, however, is general liability insurance.

Why Your Company Needs General Liability Insurance 

General liability insurance is the most basic and necessary form of insurance for companies. Accidents could happen at any moment, and when they do, typically someone gets hurt. In the United States, whomever gets hurt has the ability to sue you for compensation for the financial costs of recovery or loss of property – and that’s where general liability insurance in Laguna Hills comes into play.

If you’re a contractor, then general liability insurance is most likely the only kind of coverage you need. Contractors typically don’t own commercial property or have other people on their payroll – but while you don’t have to worry about property insurance or worker’s compensation, you are liable for legal damages.

If you run a small business, then general liability insurance is vital to your business. However, it’s not the only type of insurance you need. Businesses need to worry about worker’s compensation, in case one of your employees injures themselves on the job due to your negligence as an employer. Then there’s property insurance, which helps you cover the cost of lawsuits regarding injuries caused by accidents on your property, from a slip-and-fall to something worse.

Whether you need general liability insurance in a larger business insurance policy, or just general liability insurance as a contractor or entrepreneur without commercial properties or employees on your payroll, we here at Rais Insurance can help you set up the right insurance policy for your company or enterprise.