General Liability Insurance Cerritos

General liability insurance, also known as commercial general liability or business liability, is a type of insurance that pertains specifically to businesses, and is part of liability insurance as a whole. Liability insurance can also refer to professional liability and auto liability. However, these are different, specific instances of the same thing.

If you’re being sued for an accident that was your fault, liability insurance helps you cover the bills.

In the case of auto liability, it’s a necessity in most states, including California. Professional liability is also important for service providers, from accountancy companies to a massage parlors. If a service provider makes a mistake and ends up damaging a client’s property, health, or financial standing, they’re liable for those damages, which is where the help of an insurer comes into play.

General liability insurance is meant to protect your business. Namely, it’s meant to protect you from the backlash that any of the following could cause legally: advertising injury (reputation damage), bodily harm, and property damage. General liability is meant to help you financially with the legal costs of facing any such claims, as long as they’re due to an accident on the part of an employee (or several employees), or an unforeseen problem with a product or service.

Here at Rais Insurance, we help you put together a policy that works best for you, on the basis of your general liability coverage. If you’re looking for advice on general liability insurance in Cerritos, we’ll do you one better: we’re offering you some of the best insurance services in the area.

Do You Need More Coverage? 

While even small businesses may need to be properly insured and protected against the risks of accidents and injuries costing them their business, some industrious individuals won’t need more than liability insurance. Contractors, for example, typically don’t keep people on a payroll. They also don’t usually own office space and commercial cars. For them – and perhaps for you as well – general liability is enough.

On the other hand, if you’re expanding your business, it’s also time to expand your insurance policy. We at Rais Insurance will help you seek the best general liability insurance in Cerritos.