General Liability Insurance Carlsbad

General liability insurance in Carlsbad protects your business investment from another business’ or individual’s claims of damage to property, bodily injury and the associated medical expenses. Some of what Rais Insurance products protect you and your business against are listed below.

Data Loss and Property Damage 

In the course of your normal business operations, you or your employee accidentally damages a client’s server causing extensive data loss and damage. We will cover the resultant claim up to the limit of your general liability policy limits of liability.

Bodily Injury 

A client slips and falls on your premises or falls over some equipment owned by your business and you are legally liable for the injury. We offer you policies that cover subsequent claims and any related medical costs.

Personal Injury 

While one of your employees is at lunch, he might have mentioned something unflattering and false about one of your clients. The client then learns about this and decides to sue your business for slander. We can help over the resulting claim and, if necessary, even pay for an attorney to defend your business.

General Liability Insurance for Your Business 

General liability insurance does not protect you from every risk out there. For instance, general liability does not offer cover against negligence claims – even if it is or isn’t your business’ fault. You may decide to choose one of our other business liability insurance products along with general liability.

  • Business Owners Policy (BOP) offers you enhanced insurance in combination with your general liability product as well as property insurance.
  • Professional liability offers you coverage in the event you offer personal or professional services.

You should consider getting general liability insurance in Carlsbad if you or your employees:

  • Have to work on a client’s equipment
  • Utilize third-party locations for business-related activities
  • Interact with your clients face to face
  • Your business is required to have general liability insurance before you enter into a contract

At Rais Insurance, we specialize in businesses like yours and will tailor coverage products that relate to risks in your industry. We offer you a full-service insurance shop for all your business insurance requirements. Contact us today and learn more about what it means partnering with us.