Covered California

It is often a worry whether or not you’re covered by California health insurance. Recent changes including Obamacare health insurance in California makes it even more confusing about who is and who isn’t covered. That is where we at Rais Insurance come in. Our health insurance policies are made to fit around the health needs of you and your family, and our team will help you find the right insurance coverage for you. With over thirty years of experience in providing insurance, we can easily figure out each of our customers’ need and how we can provide for them. We have a health insurance exchange, California based to provide you with all the information you need, fitting with California state laws.

Whether or not you are covered by California Obamacare, we can help you find an insurance policy that is affordable and reliable. We know that accidents and emergencies happen when you least expect them and feel that everybody should have peace of mind when the worst happens. The last thing you need when you are sick or injured is to worry over a hospital bill you can’t pay.

Our fully covered California health insurance offers greater benefits than other insurance providers in California. Unlike many companies, we don’t offer just one type of insurance, because we know that everybody’s circumstances and finances are different. This is why we offer several types of insurance, including home and auto insurance. If you are injured at work or unable to work, we can also offer worker’s compensation. With this flexibility, we are able to offer services to everyone from individuals to large conglomerates, all with the same level of service and professionalism. Our goal is to treat each claim and each customer as an individual, whether it be a business or a family, in order to find what is best for them, as each situation is different and the same option won’t work for everyone.

Some people are eligible and happy with Obamacare health insurance in California while others aren’t. We give our clients freedom of choice and advise them at every step on what is best for them. If you are still unsure if you are covered by California Obamacare then get in touch with us today. It only takes a single phone call, e-mail, or two minutes spent filling out an online form. Much easier than getting information from other insurance companies!

Rais is proud to be the most reliable and experienced health insurance exchange in California. If you are still concerned about what health insurance is available to you and what the costs will be, get a free and instant quote from us now to get you on the path to a safe and risk free future.