Business Insurance Orange

Running a business can be a task fraught with daily risk, difficulties, the potential for unfortunate incidents and the responsibility of several people’s livelihoods. Company owners must take proper precautions to ward off risk and the dangers of inevitable mistakes over the course of their enterprise’s lifetime – and that’s where our business insurance in Orange county can come handy.

Here at Rais Insurance, we share decades of experience in helping companies formulate the right coverage for them. To help you stay safe from the inevitable, we offer various forms of coverage:

Professional Liability Insurance

When an omission or a mistake leads to an accident or loss of property and equity for a client, you stand to be sued for the error. This helps you take care of the damages it has incurred due to an honest mistake, whether it’s something as simple as an accounting error or a glitch in the system.

General Liability Insurance

While the former type of plan extends to the work you do, there are other ways you can be liable as an enterprise owner. If injuries and damages are incurred due to accidents on your company’s premises or due to your advertisements, or as the result of copyright infringement or unintentional violation of intellectual property, this policy can cover you.

Property Insurance

In the case of a fire or storm, this helps you pay for the loss of company property during natural disasters and serious accidents. Theft is also included in this kind of plan.

Disasters, however, aren’t included in this plan. Floods and earthquakes are a beast of their own, and are taken care of within their own given policy here at Rais Insurance.

Worker’s Compensation

One of the most important types of business insurance in Orange county is that which can protect your employees in the case of injury. If an employee suffers a serious accident due to the company’s negligence, we at Rais Insurance can help you take care of the damages and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

There are other types of coverage to consider when looking into a comprehensive plan. Contact us to get started on formulating your policy today.