How Tenants Are Safeguarding Their Prize Possessions From Calamities

Most people who live on rented properties probably know that in case of a calamity like a fire or a break-in, your landlord’s insurance is not going to cover you. Any valuables that might be lost by the tenant are not going to be paid for unless you have something called renter’s insurance which is fast becoming a necessity rather than an option. Let’s say there was a fire, the cause may be due to a number of reasons but the effects are what we are left to deal with. The effects of that fire may be anything from loss or damage of property and valuables to even serious injury or loss of life. With renter’s insurance, not only are your valuables covered but the policy also covers any costs incurred in the eventuality that you are taken to court due to someone sustaining injuries at your premises.

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Better safe than sorry

Can you imagine a situation where you have lost your most valuable items like jewelry, irreplaceable documents, cash, expensive clothes and shoes, and over and above that you are now being sued because someone hurt themselves? This collection of events can be more than most people can handle and the good news is that it doesn’t ever have to be that way. Since renter’s insurance doesn’t really cover property and is mostly aimed at protecting the tenant’s belongings like appliances, electronics and personal effects, premiums are quite cheap and this is a very affordable way of protecting yourself from any such eventualities. It must be remembered that this insurance does not cover damage caused by floods, but does cover water damage, explosions, windstorms, smoke and fire damage, and burglary and thefts.

The ultimate back-up plan

Another great advantage to buying this relatively inexpensive premium is that in case you are unable to live at your current location due to conditions caused by any of the above mentioned incidents, the policy covers the cost of your living expenses at a hotel or temporary accommodation like a service apartment for the duration it takes you to get back on your feet. This can really come as a blessing for someone who has had their home destroyed by wind or lightning and cannot afford to live in a hotel till repairs are done and things are back to normal.

The most comprehensive renter’s insurance policy in California

Rais Insurance is a family-owned-and-operated insurance agency, they have been in the business since 1982 and provide the most comprehensive and cost effective insurance plans to people in North and South California. Apart from renter’s insurance, Rais Insurance also provide everything from auto insurance, to home insurance, to even Jet-Ski and boat insurance. Insurance is also available for businesses like motel insurance California and liquor stores, as well as income tax and life insurance. Information on all these insurance policies is easily available on the website which is quite easy to navigate and features a menu with every kind of insurance on the planet. The best part about their renter’s insurance is that it also covers the cost of damaged caused to the property which saves your landlord from having to make a claim.

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