Commercial building insurance Cypress

Commercial Property Insurance Cypress

Protect your commercial building, furniture, tools, inventory, and personal property with commercial property insurance Cypress.

Every company needs to have commercial property insurance, regardless of whether they have their own building or work remotely. A commercial property insurance policy covers anything from buildings and equipment to inventory and tools. Examples of losses that are typically covered by this type of policy are fires, burglaries, storms, vandalism, and other natural disasters.

The type of coverage you need may vary between insurance companies, but most often a basic commercial property insurance policy may be sufficient for your business.

Some of the most popular commercial building and property insurance policies are:

  • Business Personal Property (BPP) Coverage

For your business to be protected, it’s imperative to keep track of the value and cost of your commercial property. The insurance industry refers to business personal property as “business contents,” which is a term for moveable items owned by any business. In simple words, BPP is an extension of commercial property policies that address specific items.


Though commercial building and property insurance covers a majority of business equipment,

Business Property Protection Insurance covers all the little under-covered areas.

  • Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Insurance Coverage

You can purchase this commercial property insurance for your computer-related equipment. It is common for commercial property policies to cover fire damage but not computer networks. EDP includes factors like power surges and even virus attacks.

  • Business interruption insurance


Business Interruption Insurance compensates lost income if a company’s operations are suspended due to direct physical loss, such as that caused by any natural calamity or fire. In addition to managing expenses, this insurance covers moving to a temporary location, taxes, loan payments, and payroll. This coverage should be acquired by all businesses.

  • Flood Insurance


Flood is not covered by most commercial property insurance policies. To be protected from the subsequent harm, you’ll need to acquire separate coverage. Make sure you are covered by your property insurance policy. If you are not sure, let us review your policy and we’ll help find a solution that fits your needs.


How to Choose the Right Commercial Property Insurance Cypress?


At Rai’s Insurance, our insurance agents can assist you in determining what type of policy and coverage is appropriate for your business. As we assess how your business operates, we will offer you customized coverage options that are cost-effective to protect your business. No matter how large or small your claims are, we are there to assist you whenever you need our help or guidance.