Authorized Mercury Insurance Agent


About Mercury Insurance

After George Joseph formed the company in 1961, Mercury Insurance has gradually made a name for itself in the industry as a low cost alternative to larger insurance companies. Since then, they have risen to become one of the biggest insurance brands in the United States. What Mercury has done is that they marked a spot for them in a very profitable, yet previously unheard of niche, that of providing private consumers with lower premiums on home, auto insurance etc. for better than just average risks. While previously they functioned only in California, post the 1990s, they have started operating in areas where other carriers have ceased to operate, with a special focus in the state of California.

What does Rais Insurance do?

In their effort to offer the cheapest premiums and the best deals on auto and other forms of comprehensive insurance, Mercury Insurance has joined hands with authorized Mercury Insurance agents such as us, at Rais Insurance. We act as local partners and insurance agents to ensure that our customers in and across California are able to find the best deals in motor insurance.

If you have any kind of queries or need a quotation for the wide range of insurance coverage offered by Mercury Insurance, you can always approach our team of dedicated professionals for Rais Insurance.

Why choose us?

Choosing the right insurance can be tricky. It can get even more complicated when you see such affordable deals. Well, there’s no catch. Due to our extensive knowledge of California and the years of experience we have garnered providing insurance coverage for customers in the state, we have the honor of calling ourselves authorized Mercury Insurance agents.

Not only can our team of experts help find the right deal for you at competitive prices, we will also be able to sit with you and guide you through the process.

For the best Mercury Insurance coverage, contact Rais Insurance today.