Insurance Service in Compton

What does Liquor Store Insurance Cover?

Just like having your business insured, having your liquor store insured is equally important  in Compton, it gives you a cover against liabilities such as:

  • Your General Liability Insurance will cover
  • all the damages caused to your property, done by third party when they are on your premises;
  • illnesses or injuries caused by the faulty products;
  • infringement of trademarks or copyright via store advertising;
  • personal injury liabilities incurred by store representatives
  • Liquor Store Liability Insurance covers you against actions of someone who obtained liquor from your store.
  • Employment practices liability insurance protects you against claims of sexual or racial harassment by employees.

And, to cover them all, you can get an Umbrella Insurance and get some extra-liability insurance. Rais Insurance Services, INC will help you get through all the hurdles of finding the right insurance provider and introduce you to the most suited offer for Liquor Store Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Flood Insurance in Compton.