Home Insurance San Pedro California

A home can be the pride and joy of a wonderful family. It’s your hearth, your heart, the place where some of life’s most treasured memories came to be. No matter whether it’s been in the family for five generations or became your first house when you purchased it a decade ago, we all want to see our homes protected and safe for ourselves and our family – but often, such things are outside our control.

Whether it may be a powerful hurricane swooping over from the other side of the nation, or a dreaded earthquake right in the middle of California, keeping your home insured is often your only protection against unavoidable and surprising circumstances.

Home insurance in San Pedro is simple – through us here at Rais Insurance, you can insure that your family is financially covered in a number of different circumstances, from necessary repairs to accidents, fires, catastrophes and more. But each instance of danger to a home requires a different sort of coverage.

This is so that home owners can build themselves an insurance policy that best speaks to their budget and the needs of their home and household, depending on where they are, how old their home is, and how much they’re willing to pay out of pocket. Basically, there are eight types of home insurance, and here are some of the more popular ones for homeowners:

For Homeowners 

Homeowners get the most variation in their possible policies, due to carrying the most liability for their property. HO-1, the first type of home insurance in San Pedro, is the most basic and bare-bones policy and protects you against what are considered the most common dangers and disasters to a home. HO-2, on the other hand, expands that list to all 16 disasters covered by insurers. HO-3 is a modified version of the former, covering more than HO-1 but cutting out certain uncommon disasters. 

For Tenants 

Insurance policies for tenants are specifically for the contents of their home, as they don’t own the building itself. This way, if a fire or theft occurs, they’re insured for whatever of their possessions was damaged or stolen.

Whatever kind of home insurance you’re looking for, we here at Rais Insurance to help you keep your family safe.