Home Insurance Newport Beach California

Your home in Newport Beach is undoubtedly your most prized possession and it is very important to ensure that it is well-protected. Be it a theft or a natural calamity, a home insurance offers best protection to your home from such unforeseen events. Studies suggest that the average cost of homes in Newport Beach city is more than $1 million. This makes a home insurance further more important as a major part of your earnings might have been invested in it.

We at Rais Insurance understand that no matter what the current value of your home is, it is invaluable to you. Thus, we have created a comprehensive home insurance policy for you that protects your home along with the contents stored in it from fire, natural calamity and theft.

Benefits of our Home Insurance Cover

Complete Home Insurance

Our home insurance policy for Newport Beach covers your home, materials stored in it and all your interests and family members. Moreover, we also offer policies that only cover the property or the belongings in it.

Our home insurance policy for Newport Beach

The premiums for our home insurance policies are highly affordable and we also offer huge discounts to ensure that buying a home insurance is not heavy on your pockets.

Multiple Add-ons

Our home insurance policies come with some amazing add-ons, like cover for temporary resettlement, cover for public liability, cover for rent loss, etc. These add-ons allow you to customize the policy as per your requirements.

Why Choose Us?

While the city is home to Pacific Life, a Fortune 500-listed insurance company and many other home insurance agencies that cater to the residents of Newport Beach, some of the features that make us an obvious choice over others are-

  • Easy filing of claims and quick reimbursement.
  • Minimum paper work.
  • Multiple add-ons to create a customized policy as per your requirements.
  • Flexible premium payment options.

Get in touch!

While a home insurance is important for every homeowner, it is also essential to choose an insurance agency that offers you the best of benefits at the most affordable rates. Simply send us a request online or contact us by phone to know more about the best home insurance cover in Newport Beach.