Health Insurance Santa Fe Springs California

Life without health insurance in Santa Fe Springs can lead you to accumulating significant debt. Even though some people consider health insurance as expensive, the cost of healthcare without it is exponentially enormous.

Without health insurance, once you get sick or injured your medical bills quickly add up, and you eventually find yourself in thousands of dollars of debt. This can eventually lead you to declaring bankruptcy, but all these frustrations can be avoided by getting the most basic of insurance policies.

How Does Health Insurance by Rais Insurance Help?

Our health insurance products offer you a means of paying for health care. They provide you with the necessary ability to pay for the full medical costs when you are sick or injured. Just like car or home insurance, you can choose a plan and agree to pay a certain premium every month. In return, Rais Insurance agrees to cover a portion of your covered medical costs.

What Do We Cover?

We offer you plans that cover the essential health benefits, including:
• Outpatient care for you
• Emergency services
• Overnight stays at the hospital and surgery
• Before and after birth care (pregnancy, maternity and baby care)
• Treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues, including psychotherapy and counseling
• Provision of prescription drugs
• Habilitative and rehabilitative devices and services (including equipment and services that will help you recover from disabilities, injuries or chronic conditions)
• Laboratory services
• Wellness and preventive services and chronic disease management
• Vision and oral pediatric care services

Our plans also include:
• Birth control coverage
• Breastfeeding coverage

Why Consider US?

At Rais Insurance, we offer you with a full-suite service shop for all your requirements for health insurance in Santa Fe Springs. Our unique selling point is our dedication to ensure that we meet your individual insurance needs with dependable, sound and the best priced coverage. We have done this since we opened our doors in 1982 and we value creating long-term relations with our valued clients, and go that extra mile to accommodate you. To learn more about what we can do for you and your family’s health insurance needs, contact one of our experienced agents now.