Health Insurance San Clemente California

Living without health insurance leaves you exposed to chances of not receiving great care every time you visit any doctor. Even with emergency rooms required to treat you, without insurance, you are likely to get less care than an individual with health insurance. Simply, this is because a hospital is concerned with your ability to cover any additional costs likely to come up during the course of treatment including follow-up appointments and night care.

Way Forward

On the other hand, health insurance in San Clemente offers you protection against costs that go into your medical and surgical expenses. You can either pay the costs out-of-pocket and we reimburse you, or we can make the payments directly to the health care provider.

In the U.S. health insurance coverage – in exception of special groups like the elderly, disabled individuals, veterans and a few others – is considered as an individual responsibility. The Obama Administration has made it compulsory for everyone to have insurance; if you fail to have a policy there are penalties that will apply.

How We can Help You

At Rais Insurance, we offer you health insurance that covers the basic health benefits and more. Every health plan in our stable caters for:
• Outpatient services
• Hospitalization bills
• Substance abuse and mental health treatment bills
• Before and after birth care
• Prescription drugs bills
• Payment for rehabilitative services and devices required to help you make a full recovery
• Lab services
• Vision and oral care for your children

Our health insurance products provide you with critical financial protection in case you or a family member is involved in a serious accident or illness. Without coverage, you risk running into bankruptcy.

Introducing Rais Insurance

Since 1982, we have offered our clients health insurance products that protect you from running into the high costs associated with medical care in three ways:
• Even after you meet your plan’s deductible, we have plans that cover part of your medical expenses going forward.
• We have an out-of-pocket maximum, which is the amount you will pay no matter the amount you are covered for in a plan year.
• We do not have or place dollar limits on how much you spend every year for essential health benefits.

If you would like to learn more about health insurance in San Clemente or get an instant quote, get in touch with us now.