Health Insurance Carlsbad California

The Affordable Care Act requires that everyone have health insurance in Carlsbad; otherwise, they will be required to pay some penalty tax that has a similar effect. Many people find the Act a bitter pill to swallow, but they do not know the facts surrounding health insurance and why it is so important.

You Get Negotiated Rates

For uninsured people, the costs for medical care can be prohibitively expensive. With health insurance, the insurance company goes out of its way to negotiate better prices for you (as well as themselves), and this drastically reduces your out-of-pocket expenses.

At Rais Insurance, we have experts who negotiate with medical care providers in network, and even if they are outside the network, that hospital has an incentive to want to have an agreement on prices. The negotiations between insurance companies, doctors and hospitals are common, and can reduce your bill by up to 50 percent.

Avoid ER

In general, ER visits are becoming more expensive. The Emergency Room is intended for medical emergencies and patients heading to the ER should know that:
• ERs are sickest gets service first – not first come first serve
• ER doctors do not have your patient history
• ER may not be the best medical care option for every case

Health insurance allows you to go to a primary care physician, instead of an ER. In addition, your doctor can also address minor health problems before they develop to major ones.

Preventive Services

Obamacare requires that all health insurance plans should cover a comprehensive list of preventive services without charging a co-insurance or co-payment. This also applies to patients who have not met their yearly deductible. Preventive services include alcohol misuse screening and counseling to STI prevention counseling for adults at risk. Talk to one of our experienced agents to learn more about the preventive services we cover.

Why Rais Insurance?

We understand that there is a critical link between having health insurance and getting the best health care. To do this, we cater to all your personal insurance needs. We provide you with dependable, sound health insurance in Carlsbad that is not only pocket-friendly, but customized to your requirements. Contact us today for a fast quote based on your needs.