Car Insurance Yorba Linda California

If you’re the proud owner of a classic car, worrying about car insurance can be a natural thing. Usually, the higher value of a car, the more expensive the rates for a car insurance policy on it. However, in the case of classic cars, there is a very specific exception to be made.

Here at Rais Insurance, we offer classic car owners a separate car insurance in Yorba Linda, specifically for their collectible vehicles. To avail of the policy, however, your vehicle has to apply as a classic car.

What Sets Classic Cars Apart?

The difference between a regular auto insurance and a classic car insurance in Yorba Linda is the way the car is used. Classic cars, which are typically historically-important and valuable due to their rarity and their surviving state despite being made of original parts, are also usually considered to be collectible cars.

As collector’s items, they’re not treated as full-fledged main-use vehicles – meaning, they rarely spend any time on the road, if at all. That’s specifically what sets an older car apart from a classic car built in the same age – the distinction lies in the function of the car.

Here at Rais Insurance, we help collectors safely drive their prized possessions without requiring an extremely costly insurance policy, under the caveat of limited mileage. If your classic car spends most of its time in the garage, it is eligible for a classic car insurance policy.

To determine whether your car’s condition and age makes it qualify, contact us with the make, model, and year. By working with us at Rais Insurance, you can get started today on insuring your classic car and making it street legal.

Insuring Your Classic Car

Like any car, insurance for a classic car provides the same level of coverage. You can get the necessary liability coverage, additional collision coverage, medical coverage, property damage coverage, and comprehensive damage in the case of theft or a natural calamity.

We at Rais Insurance know the value of a classic car, and as such, we do our utmost to help collectors get their cars insured in a cost-effective manner.