Car Insurance La Palma California

The pride of owning a classic collectible car is amazing, but it comes coupled with an increased risk. Because classic cars are rare and valued for their historical importance, damages incurred on a classic car can become a powerful financial liability.

Here at Rais Insurance, we have years of experience working with classic car owners to give them the security and financial safety of a comprehensive classic car coverage. If you’re looking for classic car insurance in La Palma, we can offer exactly what you need – customizable, affordable coverage for your collectible automobile.

Do You Own a Classic Car?

It may seem like a vague term, but classic cars do have certain conditions that need to be met to qualify as a collectible. Part of a classic car insurance is the assumption that your classic car is not your main mode of transportation – that means, while you may use it now and again, its main purpose is to store value, and to be used during special auto shows and collector’s meetings.

That said, the main difference between a classic car and an old vehicle isn’t the frequency of use, but the rarity and condition. Classic cars are more valuable because they’re traded and collected as opposed to other vehicles made during the same year or decade, and their historical importance dictates their price and value. A classic car has to be built before a certain year to qualify for classic car insurance.

To determine whether your collectible automobile qualifies as a classic car, please contact us with details about your vehicle’s make, model and year.

Getting Your Classic Car Insured

Getting your collectible car insured is a different process than with a regular automobile. Classic car insurance in La Palma involves detailing your relationship with your car – you can get lower rates if your car has a limited mileage, and if it’s usually unused.

Here at Rais Insurance, we value working with you as much as you value your car, and we understand the importance of getting comprehensive insurance for classic collectible vehicles.