Car Insurance Hawaiian Gardens California

If you own a collectible car, you can be eligible for a different sort of insurance policy than with your main vehicle. Because classic cars are so much more valuable and difficult to repair, your classic car insurance in Hawaiian Gardens has to take these factors into consideration.

Here at Rais Insurance, our team has years of experience in providing people with the right coverage for their classic vehicles. We will work with you to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve for your classic car, while matching your budget.

What Constitutes a Classic Car?

The first thing to consider when getting car insurance is to decide whether or not your car is a classic car. Classic cars are different from old cars in one aspect – value. If your car is historically significant, and considered a collectible vehicle rather than a mode of transportation, it can qualify as a classic car.

Classic cars are usually built before 1979, with iconic examples like the original VW Beetle, or the first Ford Mustang.

Another aspect of owning a classic car is that, unlike regular cars, classic cars are often used in rallies and auto shows. By working with us at Rais Insurance, you can get the right coverage for your classic car depending on how often you use it, whether it is your primary vehicle of transportation, and how rare the car’s make is.

How Classic Car Insurance Works

Unlike regular car insurance, classic cars are insured differently. Because collectible cars are usually not used as main vehicles for transportation, you can get a better car insurance in Hawaiian Gardens by taking into consideration what kind of mileage you’re working with.

With a limited mileage, you can reduce the cost of your insurance while keeping a comprehensive coverage in case your vehicle is damaged during an accident, theft, natural calamity or other unfortunate events.

Work With Rais Insurance For Lower Rates

The more we know about your car and your driving habits, the more we can offer you a comprehensive, customized insurance rate. With years of experience with classic cars and car enthusiasts, we know how important it is to have a classic car be properly insured.