Car Insurance Brea California

Unlike your usual vehicles, a classical car requires a special consideration when it comes to insurance. Here at Rais Insurance, we understand how critical it can be to insure your classic car – after all, it’s not just a vehicle, it’s a vintage piece of art.

Having a classic car be damaged is, of course, a different sort of tragedy. Because of their age and rarity, classic cars are treated differently among insurance circles than other vehicles, and they can be more expensive to repair without proper insurance.

Do You Have a Classic Car?

The first step to getting appropriate coverage for your classic car is through verifying that it is, in fact, a vintage model. There are different standards according to different organizations, but for the most part, a vintage model car must have been built before 1979. Anything older than 100 years can qualify as an antique car, and is also considered a collectible.

To make sure that you’re getting the best car insurance in Brea, we offer several different types of coverage for your classic car to help you keep a peace of mind while driving – but first, it’s critical to understand how a collectible vehicle requires a different level of insurance from usual transports.

Why You Need Full Coverage

The difference between an old car and a classic car is rarity, and value. Classic cars are collectibles – this means that they have inherent historical value, enough to justify being resold again and again rather than being scrapped.

This makes them quite a bit more valuable than a car from the same timeline, simply because there’s an interest in keeping them fully restored. If you do use your classic car as a mode of transportation, then getting full car insurance in Brea is absolutely necessary to ensure that you’re fully compensated for any damages you may incur on the vehicle in the case of an accident.

Without proper insurance, you may find yourself having to pay for repairs on your classic car yourself. This can become extremely expensive, depending on the value of your vehicle. However, working with us at Rais Insurance can help you find the fairest price for your classic car insurance.