Business Insurance Costa Mesa California

Keeping a company going against the odds is no easy feat. Between worrying about competitors, shortages, marketing and legal costs, possible employee unreliability and the eventuality of something unexpected, every day can present a new headache to entrepreneurs.

That’s why we focus on offering business insurance in Costa Mesa that makes it easy for company owners to come in, talk with our specialists here at Rais Insurance, and quickly formulate a policy that takes into account what your enterprise’s true risks are, and what options would give you the best value for your money. Among our services, we offer basic policies for companies including:

Professional Liability Insurance

We all make mistakes – and sometimes, those mistakes can end up with our clients or customers having to spend a lot of time and money. Part of our policies here at Rais Insurance is helping entrepreneurs take care of the costs and damages of professional errors and omissions, a basic hazard in running an enterprise. We are, after all, human, but that doesn’t mean that a single mistake has to set you back weeks and months in revenue.

General Liability Insurance

This takes care of a myriad of liabilities that entrepreneurs are responsible for. From the possibility of accidental copyright infringement – and the expenses related to a copyright or IP lawsuit and settlement – to the dangers of injury due to an advertisement campaign or other liabilities, this policy is meant to be a type of blanket coverage to take care of non-specific claims.

Property Insurance

This is one of the most crucial elements because it keeps you covered for a set maximum value in the case of a storm or theft. While fire, earthquake and other disasters require their own plan, anything else that causes damage or loss of equity for the enterprise is included.

Worker’s Compensation

Business insurance in Costa Mesa is all about keeping the employees safe as well. In the event of an accident, we at Rais Insurance can help you see to it that your workers are property compensated and medically cared for. Contact us today to get started in formulating the right policy for you and your company.