Why Should You Opt for Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Santa Ana?

You’ve bought your car – it’s been one of the high points of your life. You plan to treat it like your baby. Nevertheless, you need to get it insured not only because it’s a legal obligation in most states, but also because it’s the smart thing to do. You’re thinking – what kind of car insurance in Santa Ana is the best? Should I go for liability, collision or comprehensive? Read on to know why comprehensive is by far the best choice.

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What does liability insurance cover?

In case it was your fault in an accident, liability insurance covers the costs of the car you hit. Passengers of that car will be compensated, not the people in yours. Liability insurance is for bodily injury or property damage.

As the name suggest, bodily injury liability takes care of the injured people in the car you hit. The policy will come with a ceiling on the amount that will be paid per injured person as well as on the total amount that will be paid for all injured together. In California, the minimum obligatory amount is $15,000 per injured person and $30,000 for all injured together.
Property damage liability pays for the repairs to the car you hit, not yours. The policy will mention the maximum amount it covers. The mandatory minimum amount in California for this insurance is $5000.

What does collision insurance cover?

In case your car needs repairs or has to be replaced after an accident, collision insurance will cover the costs. It covers the costs irrespective of whether it was your fault or another driver’s.

So, how is comprehensive insurance different?

No matter how your car gets damaged, comprehensive insurance covers it all. You are covered if there is:

•An accident in which the other driver was at fault
•An accident in which you were at fault
•An act of vandalism
•A natural cause like storm, hail or contact with an animal

Liability coverage is included in the policy, so you don’t have to worry about any eventuality. You can include glass in the policy because windscreens get cracked easily and glass is expensive to replace.

So, doesn’t comprehensive coverage sound like the best insurance for your car? Just keep in mind that there will be deductible, which means some amount you have to pay yourself when claiming insurance.

Keep in mind a few more things

Your comprehensive coverage should equal the total value of your house, car, savings and investments. If you can pay a high deductible, do it so that your premium payments are low. Don’t include routine repairs in the insurance policy. Bear in mind what your state’s minimum insurance requirements are. Read the fine print even if you abhor doing that.

Armed with this knowledge, buying a comprehensive coverage policy will be much easier. There are many choices in the insurance market. You can shop around for car insurance in Santa Ana and get the best deal there is. Good luck!

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