Why is car insurance more for teens?

AS-Jun-18-81 A teenager owning a car could sound exhilarating but it can also turn out to be a nightmare too. Of course, it is not that teenagers are always bad drivers. But, statistics do show that the majority of car accidents in the US take place when a teenager is at the wheel. It explains why car insurance is more expensive for teenagers than it is for others.

Reasons why car insurance is expensive for teenagers:

  • Known to take more risks

Teenagers are fearless drivers. They love to take more risks than people of other ages do. Maybe, that is the reason why the State does not allow teenagers to vote before they turn 18. The teenagers might not wear seat belts on a regular basis. Statistics point in this direction as well because surveys show that nearly 54% of teenagers wear belts. It is a proof that they are not as responsible as they should be while driving.

  • Teens love to experiment

Teenagers have a habit of learning to do things the hard way. Tell your teenager not to drink, and the first thing they do is drink. It is because of the inherent rebellious nature. It is right in many ways, but it can cost them heavily when they experiment while driving cars. They know that driving after having a drink is terrible, but they want to experiment and see why it is so. In doing so, they expose themselves to accidents. Hence, car insurance in Garden Grove is expensive for teenagers.

  • Experience counts

Would you like to ride with a brash young teenager or a sober person in their 30s? The teenagers might be excellent drivers, but the chances that you will choose the latter option are always higher. Why is it so? Your defensive instincts force you to do so. You are right as well because experience still counts in every field of life. Teenagers can be superb drivers, but they are not mature enough to know how to react to specific challenging situations on the road. It can lead to accidents thereby making car insurance in Anaheim more expensive for teenagers that it is to others.

  • Technology can slow them down

It is ironical but true. Today is the age of the smartphone and the internet. You also have advanced electronics gadgets in your car like Bluetooth speakers, and so on. Teenagers love to use these gadgets while driving as well. Hence, it can slow down their reaction time in an emergency. It is natural because they divide their attention between driving and listening to songs or speaking on their phones. It is a sure recipe for disaster. This is the principal reason why teenage car insurance is expensive.

It is not that all teenagers are the same. However, the trend is such that teenagers do behave similarly all over the world. You cannot blame anything else but the age group they belong to. If you have a teen driver at home, teach them to drive safely. You have to pay more insurance, but that should not be a problem as your primary concern is the well-being of your kids at home.

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