What is Health Insurance? And Importance of Health Insurance



A Health Insurance Policy is a hedge against spiraling health care costs. It is essentially an arrangement between you and your insurance company. Herein, you pay a fixed monthly premium to the insurance company, which in turn bears the entire healthcare costs when ill health befalls you. The arrangement also keeps you covered if you suffer partial or complete disability, develop a chronic condition, and need nursing or custodial care.

Though paying a fixed sum as premium, copayments and deductibles may eat up your monthly budget, the assurance and cost savings that a Health insurance Stanton policy brings in is worth it. The healthcare cost is progressive with each day. In a typical medical contingency scenario, you will be paying clinician’s fee, medical screenings, and medication costs or even a re-examination fee. In fact, your healthcare costs often exceed the total premium you have paid.

No one is immune to aging and health conditions coming with it. The irony is, your health issues aggravate but the earnings deteriorate as age catches up. With a sound Health insurance, accessing specialized medical care programs becomes easy and fast. Your policy will pay for all programs offered by the government as well as private healthcare facilities across the US. As such, you can focus on recovery rather than pondering on how to meet the expenses.

Without a proper health cover, you may have to file for personal bankruptcy to pay for hefty medical bills. Personal bankruptcy, as we all know, can undermine your credit score, rendering you ineligible for financing or employment. As the specter of personal bankruptcy lingers on, leading a normal life becomes almost impossible.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that the top health insurance companies will offer coverage even if the individual has preexisting conditions. Putting it simply, the insurer is legally bound to provide a health cover if you have any ailment before or at the time of applying. Moreover, Health insurance Stanton also brings in the desired flexibility. You can adjust the level of protection and scope of the insurance according to your specific needs.

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