What happens if you don’t have car insurance?


What happens if you don’t have car insurance? As long as no one questions you or you do not get involved in an accident, nothing happens. But, it is against the rules to drive without car insurance. Law-abiding citizens should not wait for things to happen or the traffic police to question them to take car insurance. Let us now see the repercussions of driving without proper insurance.

Would you like to have a ticket?

The traffic police official can pull you up for the smallest of reasons such as a broken tail lamp. In doing so, he can check your car registration papers, insurance, and driving license. If you do not have car insurance, you are liable to pay steep fines that can go even more than a thousand dollars. Is that the end of it? No, in fact, the beginning of a series of fines and penalties you could incur.

Suspension of your license

As if collecting your fines is not enough, the traffic police official can proceed to suspend your driving license until you produce valid proof of insurance. You need to pay the penalty to reinstate your license. Depending on the state you live in, the suspension could even run into several months. A couple of more such suspensions can result in revoking of the license permanently. Try shopping for car insurance in Anaheim with a couple of suspensions in your license status. You end up paying a higher premium.

Involvement in an accident without car insurance

If you end up with an accident without having car insurance, you are in for a nightmare. You have to pay for your damages as well as the other car’s damages out of your pocket. You have to pay the penalty for driving without insurance. The chances of the police suspending your license are also high. The other driver can sue you if you refuse to pay. Now, you can end up incurring legal expenses as well. Buying a car insurance in Garden Grove would have been a cheaper option.

Towing and Impounding of your car

The police have the right to impound your car and tow it away if they catch you driving without proper car insurance. If getting involved in an accident was bad enough, this experience of impounding your car leaves you with nothing to drive. Is it not better to have a car insurance policy in place?

Do you still think nothing will happen if you do not have car insurance?

You might be the safest driver in the world, but can you guarantee that the other drivers are as safe as you are? No, you cannot control the way others drive. Hence, you should have your car insurance as expected of any law-abiding citizen. If you drive without insurance, you will do so under the constant fear that the traffic police will catch you. Why should you have this mental agony when buying car insurance is not only comfortable but also mandatory? It is better to approach a good insurance company and arrange for your car insurance immediately.

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