What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

A renter’s insurance is basically a set of pre-designed compensations concerned with basically the personal property of the tenant. A Renter’s policy can cover theft, water backup damage, certain natural disasters, bodily injuries and more in a rented property.

Renter’s insurance is something which is skipped by the masses as according to the Independent Insurance Adjusters & Brokers of America (IIABA), almost two-thirds of residential occupants in the United States don’t carry renter’s insurance. The people generally rely on the landlord’s policy, but they are not aware that the policy just covers the building damages. The tenant’s property is left at risk. Unforeseen circumstances like building fire, theft, guest injury, water damage, even a dog bite will basically be covered in a tenant’s policy.

Here is a better view about Renters policy coverage:

Property coverage

Think about all your belongings, then add up their worth and ask yourself what would I do if all your stuff is ruined or badly damaged?

Renters Insurance helps you to rise from this pit. The Personal Property coverage insures all your belongings. This protection cover generally applies to a certain situations like fire, theft, and others depending on your policy terms and conditions. So, if your electronic items are stolen or your furniture is damaged then you will have the money to replace them within the coverage limit. You need to thoroughly examine your policy before getting an actual claim.

Making a list of all your inventory at home will be helpful while assessing coverage limits. There are a lot of options present as well. A policy with actual cash value protection will calculate your belongings after deducting the depreciation and the other policy with replacement cost coverage will provide you the actual money to replace the item. The premiums may differ according to the policy. You can always seek a local agent’s guidance before buying a policy.

Legal Liability Coverage

Liability coverage helps secure your cash flow and pay for certain legal liabilities. For example, even if there is no natural disaster still there is a chance of damage to the property or in case, any of your guest slips from the staircase and get badly injured. You are liable for these situations. Liability coverage will pay for the building repair or the hospital bills. Yes, the coverage would be limited. In that case, you should brush up your policy conditions and discuss with your doctor.

Relocation related additional expenses coverage

Let’s imagine you have a ravishing apartment in California and you just love to live in it. But you can’t really crash in if there were a fire. You need to move till the repairs are finished. In that case a renter’s insurance will definitely help in California.
You may have backed your stuff, but what about the extra bucks you have to pay to live somewhere else? The Tenants Policy covers this tool. The expenses incurred for living in a hotel or some other temporary place will be under coverage, your food and the other additional expenses will be taken care of. Renters insurance California even covers car theft, food items in your refrigerator, travel and even dog bites!

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