Top Auto Accident Claims That You Should Know About

If you are living in the state of California, you must be aware that having auto insurance coverage is mandatory. When you own a car, you have to be responsible to ensure the safety of your car. However, there could be several liabilities that can threaten your vehicle’s safety. You may be practicing safe driving habits, but there may still be instances when you have to bear a loss. This is where your auto insurance policy stands as your savior. While people always talk about policy and coverage, they ignore the types of claims that are common in auto insurance California. Having a good knowledge of this thing also helps in finding the best car insurance in Garden Grove.

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Vandalism: This type of claim can cover anything – from someone spray-painting obscenities on your vehicle or keying your car. In general, these kinds of claims usually arise from someone’s revengeful behavior against the drive. Since it is not covered by Collision Insurance or Liability Insurance, you need to have Comprehensive Coverage to recover from the losses.

Theft: It is quite a common claim that California insurance companies have to deal with. In case of a theft, comprehensive insurance pays as much amount as the replacement value of your car, after you pay the deductible.

Rear-end accidents: These types of accidents usually happen when you are standing at a light or struggling in stop-and-go traffic, where someone doesn’t pay attention to the way ahead of them. With good collision coverage, you can manage the repair bills that you get after this accident.

Whiplash: Accidents after a sudden stop can lead to whiplash that can lead to severe neck and spine pain. Good insurance coverage helps with the medical bills imposed after this injury.

Parked cars: Yes, parked cars too can be involved in some kind of accidents. This happens when someone collides with your car standing in the parking lot, resulting in severe or minor damage. Insurance plans in California cover the damage.

Windshield: A collision can damage your windshield. It can be caused by a falling branch, rocks on the freeway or road rage driving. These damages are expensive to repair, but covered by insurance

While looking for car insurance in Garden Grove, always look out for insurance plans that cover all these commonly filed claims.

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