Restaurant Liquor Liability Risk – Management Tips

As the owner of a liquor store or restaurant that serves liquor, you are entitled to the moral responsibility of understanding and following your legal obligations. Doing so and implementing best practices will only reduce alcohol-related risks and losses.

As a licensed restaurant or liquor store owner, if you serve guests who are under the state’s legal drinking age, you stand chances of being indicted in several lawsuits, which will lead to fines, criminal penalties, and even jail term. The worst-case scenario will see you losing your liquor license for good. These and many other similar risks are the reasons you should take great care while operating your liquor store or restaurant, including getting a liquor store insurance in California. Here are some tips that would help you out in this case.

Understand And Follow State Rules

The first duty should be to become familiar with the state rules, laws, and regulations, as well as the standards of care, of the province in which your restaurant is located. You should also read and understand all the rules under which the license has been issued to you. Your next duty is to follow these rules and regulations and operate within the same to avoid legal hassles later on.

Draft A Strong Alcohol Policy

Write an active alcohol policy, which would highlight your restaurant’s commitment to providing a safe, responsible service to customers by following responsible business practices. Make sure to note down service procedures and policies, along with penalties for violating the same. Distribute copies of this policy to all the employees in your restaurant and brief them about the same. Ask them to sign a document stating that they acknowledge these policies and will follow the same.

Apply For And Buy Liquor Liability Insurance

It is essential to purchasing liquor store insurance in Anaheim in case of untoward incidents, which find yourself facing a liquor liability lawsuit. This insurance will help pay for costs related to employee coverage, assault/battery coverage, and attorney’s fees while potentially helping you avoid a bankruptcy scenario.

Ask For Identity Cards 

Enforce a strict zero-tolerance policy in the restaurant for underage drinkers by asking every patron to show a government-issued ID card. If a person refuses to show his ID card, you have every right to deny him/her service. Stick to this rule and note down the incident on a logbook for future reference.

Hire A Taxi For Patrons

A massive liability for a restaurant is an intoxicated driver who has had too many drinks and is intoxicated to drive back home by himself. Failing to take care of the safety of patrons and others around them can increase the risks of your restaurant facing charges on negligence. Cut down this risk by hiring a taxi for a patron who is unfit to travel back home alone.

Take the initiative and hire a ride for any patron who should not be driving in a drunken state. The money paid for the trip would be far less when compared to the costs related to legal procedures for any litigation issues that might crop up.

You can also partner with companies like Uber and Lyft to offer transportation for patrons. Display the phone numbers for the same inside the restaurant at all times.

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