How to Find Best Health Insurance Companies in 2018!

Getting an insurance policy to protect yourself against medical expenses is mandatory. However, with so many different types of plans available and a whole lot of federal and private insurers promoting them could make things difficult to comprehend. The top health insurance companies are reliable, have earned a reputation through quality service and are here to help you out with your health insurance needs.

Here’s a list of the top health insurance companies of California

United Health Group – The Fortune 500 company serves 115 million people in the country. Depending upon your budget and need, they offer several health care plans.

Cigna Health Group – The global insurance company offers some of the most affordable insurance plans. Look at the coverage when choosing the plan suitable for you.

HCSC Group – Health Care Service Corporation or the HCSC Group is a customer-owned insurer, and one of the largest in the United States. Their offer of cost-efficient plans is what draws individuals and family to them.

Kaiser Foundation Group – Based in Oakland, California, the Kaiser Group offers healthcare options for all. Their plans provide comprehensive coverage at the best rates.

Humana Inc – The American Health Insurance Company not only provides insurance plans but also encourages healthy habits by offering financial incentives for healthy behavior.

Aetna – Aetna and CVS work together to provide healthcare solutions to people. They are also known for highest claims processing and has received positive customer rating in New Jersey.

Rais - All the insurance companies have their strengths, and every policy will have a strong selling point. They offer health plans abiding by the state laws and in accordance with national policies. With the number of options you have, it is necessary to focus on the premium, cover offered and then decide on the policy. At Rais Insurance we can help you choose the best plans, but here are a few things you should keep in
mind to choose your plan and provider.

How to Choose Your Plan and Insurance Provider?

The premium to be paid – The sum to be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly as per the policy should be affordable. Take into account the coverage offered and decide the premium.

Out of Network Coverage – While most insurers are more than willing to pay 100% in healthcare when you sign up with one of their preferred partners, most would have a deductible when you opt for out of network health care options. If you live in a locality where partner medical centers are not immediately accessible, consider a plan that supports your need.

Deductibles – The sum that you are willing to pay for your medical requirements before the insurance plan kicks in. It will determine the monthly premium you pay as higher deductibles will lead to lower monthly premium and vice versa.

Why Choose Rais Insurance?

Rais Insurance is among the top health insurance services providers with a vast network of successful partnership with multiple companies across California. When you sign up with us, you can be rest assured with the wide range of policies available and assured insurance claims for everyone who meets their policy requirements.

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