Comprehensive Car Insurance Vs Third Party Car Insurance?

Driving on the roads in such heavy traffic is a risky endeavor no matter how careful you are. You might be careful but someone else might not and thus having car insurance in Garden Grove is mandatory while you are on the road.  The government has made regulations and even if not, in the long run, it is better to have insurance for the hassles it saves you.

Buying insurance is easy.  All you need to know is which insurance you need which is the difficult part because there are so many options available. Primarily there are two types of insurance – comprehensive car insurance and third party car insurance.

Third Party Insurance
Third party insurance is insurance that covers the accidental damages incurred to the other party in case of an accident which includes all medical expenses and the expenses for any legal formalities and penalties as well. However, there is one drawback to this mode of insurance, and that is you don’t get coverage for your expenses. Having this insurance is only recommended if you don’t have enough budget to buy comprehensive insurance that covers all the expenses in an accident or theft. Buying this insurance is beneficial in case of a low-value car. If you have a car that has relatively cheaper repair costs or a car that is old and you will discard it if something major happens. Then having this insurance is beneficial as it saves you from paying larger premiums.

Comprehensive Car Insurance
Comprehensive car insurance is the one that provides full coverage for your vehicle. It covers the damages incurred to your vehicle in an accident and covers any other expenses that might have happened on behalf of the third party involved in the accident. Since it is a mix of your vehicle insurance and third-party insurance, the premiums are slightly higher for this but it offers more peace of mind in the larger run, and if your budget allows, you should opt for this insurance only. Comprehensive car insurance also covers your car against the damages done by hailstorm and such other natural activities.

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